Find your best swimming in Portland, Oregon.

I think I had one of my single most productive hours of swimming ever this morning, getting the Swim Smooth stroke analysis by Gretchan. I learned so much, and I cannot wait to get back in the pool and try out my improved stroke. Gretchan is an awesome coach!
— Sue, Corvallis

Individualized Stroke Analysis

Meet one-on-one with Gretchan, be filmed from a variety of angles and see where your swimming is at right now. Work on specific drills to hone in on what is currently holding you back in the water. 

Coached Pool Swims

Swim together regularly in pool sessions devoted to freestyle technique, distance endurance, and open water skills. 

Open Water Swims

Discover your best open water swims by working on starts, finishes, buoy sighting, drafting, overcoming anxiety, appropriate gear, recovery support, dryland warm-up, safety and more. 

Coach Gretchan

I am a swim coach who is passionate about helping all levels of swimmers become more effective in their freestyle stroke and their approach to swim training.

As a kid, I grew up near lakes and oceans and have always had a love for the water, yet I never really learned the freestyle stroke. In the late 90's I took an elective triathlon class in college and learned the S-Pull stroke and how to barely survive the swim in the wild sport of triathlon. Four years ago I dove into my local river and discovered my own love of swimming together outside with others.

Through the Swim Smooth methodology, I relearned my own freestyle technique and now offer squads, swim analysis and correction sessions here in beautiful Portland, Oregon as one of only 39 Certified Swim Smooth Coaches in the world.

I also hold a US Masters Coach Level 2 Certificate, a USAT Coach Level 1 Certificate and am BLS CPR/AED certified.

Get In & Swim LLC was born from a notion that every swimmer should be able to enjoy the water, no matter their starting point in swimming. I am passionate about teaching freestyle swimming technique while focusing on distance endurance and the skills needed for any pool or open water swim. All skill levels of swimmers will develop their own unique style of effective freestyle swimming.
— Gretchan