Individualized Stroke Analysis & Correction Sessions


Swim Analysis Sessions

Gretchan is trained in the Swim Smooth methodology of stroke analysis and correction which has been created via the analysis of thousands of freestyle swimmers worldwide over the past two decades. She will meet with you individually to film your stroke from a variety of angles to show how you are currently swimming. Together you will examine your stroke and see where your assets lie as well as where your biggest limiters are. From there, you'll return to the pool for an individualized stroke correction set that is tailored to you. 

Sessions run 60-90 minutes and include a one-month subscription to the Pro-Edition Swim Smooth Guru coaching app which includes videos of your key drills, swim-on programs for your swim type, plus much, much more. You will also take home your entire swim filming and the recorded analysis done poolside. 

A follow-up correction and development session is recommended 6-8 weeks post analysis to continue to refine your form. 

Swim Analysis and Correction Session: $150. 

Follow-Up Swim Analysis and Correction Session: $120.

Stroke Correction and Development Session: $85.